By Carrie Stanley | July 16, 2020

Keeping Our Kids Healthy

Quechua Benefit is taking its anemia prevention and treatment campaigns to our Casa Chapi students who are learning at home because of the Covid-19 quarantine. Our staff is traveling to their homes throughout the Colca Valley to administer testing and treatment for parasites and anemia.

Anemia adversely affects physical development in children, and it can cause their IQ to be up to 10 points lower than a non-anemic child. It afflicts approximately 47% of school age children in Peru, but our protocol of treating parasites and administering therapeutic iron has decreased that rate to less than 10% among Casa Chapi students. In addition to regular testing and treatment, students receive multivitamins with iron to maintain healthy iron levels.

Healthy children are able to complete more schooling, which puts them on a better path to achieve their dreams and break the cycle of poverty in their families. Thank you for your support of our ongoing preventative medicine campaign.

After being tested, Romel and Emmanuel receive treatment for anemia and parasites.

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