Combating Anemia Together, Continued

Quechua Benefit’s “Juntos Combatiendo la Anemia” Campaign continues in the remote highlands of Peru. The campaign has already visited the Districts of Callilli, Cabanaconde and Picotani, where 1,760 children and pregnant women have been tested and treated for anemia. On May 6 the campaign begins working in the Caylloma District. 1,729 preschoolers, school-age children, and pregnant women in 8 towns will be tested and treated for anemia and parasites. 

Since 2016, Quechua Benefit’s program has reduced the average anemia level in Caylloma from 47% to 25%–IN JUST TWO YEARS! This dramatic 47% reduction in anemia is a result of a two-step treatment protocol:

1) Providing Albendazole once every six months, and

2) Testing every child’s hemoglobin on each visit and treat those afflicted with anemia with iron supplements.

“The biggest obstacle facing global health is a failure of delivery,” said Dr. Paul Farmer, Harvard School of Public Health.

With your help, Quechua Benefit is overcoming that obstacle. We are uniquely prepared to deliver anemia prevention services to thousands of people. Will you join our campaign today? Your gift of $80.00 will treat 10 children or pregnant women for an entire year. Click here to donate.