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Keeping Traditions Alive

At Alliyma we believe that the timelessness of yarn inspires a metaphor: spinners and knitters, like individual strands of wool spun together, become stronger and more resilient when united.

Peruvian highland women often command tremendous skill in spinning, weaving, and knitting  but little prospect of lifting themselves and their children up from the heartbreaking cycle of rural poverty they assails them. At 15,000 feet above sea level, these women reside in one of the most remote areas of the world. Yet they have managed to keep this ancient tradition alive generation after generation, for at least three thousand years.

Guided by the principles of fair trade, living wages, and gender equal pay, Alliyma was created by Quechua Benefit in 2017. We offer stable employment, training for international market specifications, and a salary 3 times higher than the highest wage available. This method allows spinners to provide for their families and to save for a future of their design and making.

Our pathway of hope is provided by the products they craft:

  • 12 different hand-spun, hand-dyed yarns
  • A variety of hand-knitted garments such as shawls, scarves, socks, and gloves
  • Hand-woven home goods such as duvet covers
  • Hand-embroidered quilt squares and accessories

These high-quality, hand-crafted products represent yarn as an art form; spun on a drop spindle and fashioned in a timeless tradition.

100% of Alliyma profits are invested in social programs focusing on women and children in the highlands of Peru. 

To purchase Alliyma yarn, visit Alpacas.com

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