By Carrie Stanley | September 26, 2018

The Sister Antonia Community Center

Sister Antonia dedicated her life to serving the people in the Colca Valley for decades.

Sister Antonia Kayser was a Maryknoll Sister from Brooklyn, New York. She provided hot meals for the poor at the church in Yanque from 1971 to 2010. Inspired by her dedication, Quechua Benefit is working with local and regional officials to develop a Community Center in the same place where Sister Antonia operated the soup kitchen. The Community Center will breathe new life into the existing buildings and more than two acres of community garden area.

The Yanque community and surrounding areas will have an array of services available to them.  Children will be able to participate in after school sports and music, tutoring and vocational training. Adults will have access to nutrition education, prenatal care, job training, and economic empowerment.

We need your generous hearts to help make this project a life-changing reality.

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