Avatar By Carrie Stanley | February 8, 2019

Alejandro Tejeda: Working from the Ground Up

Watching a seed that you have planted sprout and grow brings a sense of pride and accomplishment. But you need the right seeds with the right conditions. Cold climate and an elevation of nearly 12,000 feet make agriculture in the highlands of Peru challenging. It’s also hard to get to quality seed.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, especially Cass and Old Dog Galloway, our students at Casa Chapi are overcoming these obstacles using their newly constructed greenhouse. Alejandro Tejeda, Quechua Benefit’s Peru Country Director, designed the greenhouse and now supervises the students learning to use it from sowing to harvest.

Twice a year each student will sow, water, and care for a crop of corn, lettuce, radishes or food for the guinea pigs. And then they will experience the joy of the harvest! As the crops grow, so will the students. Under Alejandro’s guidance, they will take responsibility for their crop and learn valuable skills. But Alejandro does much more than grow crops. His work as Peru Country Director provides direction for Quechua Benefit in Peru “from the ground up.”

Alejandro’s leadership has been an important part of Quechua Benefit for the past ten years. Prior to coming to Quechua Benefit, Alejandro worked on governmental projects in Southern Peru among Quechua communities and alpaca breeders.

As Alejandro himself says, “For me, is a great achievement of my life to witness how much we are growing. As the Quechua Benefit Peru Country Director, I have to give my best every day in all activities and projects. Casa Chapi a beautiful opportunity for our  kids — it is changing their lives. I am very happy to work with American people who believe in the Peruvian people.”

Alejandro is planting many seeds–in the greenhouse and in the lives of the children of Casa Chapi. He will reap a harvest of blessing as he sees these children become prosperous and successful.

Thank you, Alejandro, for all your work to grow Quechua Benefit and Break the Cycle of Poverty among the Quechua people.


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