Avatar By Carrie Stanley | May 19, 2019

A Chance to Be a Child at Casa Chapi

Children born in the highlands of Peru rarely have the chance to enjoy the luxury of play.

Life is hard for families whose income averages less than $100 a month. Fathers, mothers, and children are all needed to take care of the alpacas. Children work long hours on the family’s alpaca ranch, or they may sit beside a working mother in a village.

At Casa Chapi, children not only learn to read and write, but they also learn to relax and play.

Their faces reflect the joy in their hearts as they play football, volleyball, or a game of chess.

The can express their creativity when they write a story or create a work of art.

For children at Casa Chapi, life is more than work.

Their bodies, minds, and souls are nourished by loving teachers and house mothers.

Their futures are changed because of your generosity. You make it possible for children to attend Casa Chapi.


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