Avatar By Carrie Stanley | January 3, 2020

And the Winner Is . . .

Casa Chapi students who achieved the world standard of reading earned a day at the zoo. They seem unaware that they’re being checked out by a jaguar behind them!

All school year long, our kids at Casa Chapi work hard improving their reading skills. Every month their teachers evaluate their reading and comprehension, and every month nearly all of them improve. Reading is the cornerstone for learning. Once a child learns to read they can read to learn and a world of possibilities open for them.

Like kids everywhere, Casa Chapi kids respond well to a little incentive! All of our 1st-6th grade students who achieved the world reading standard won a trip to the city of Arequipa and visited the zoo. This year 46.3% of our kids are reading at or above the world standard for their grade level! The kids had a great time seeing the city and the animals.

Congratulations to all of our “Super Readers”! Our Quechua-speaking children have been very successful learning to read and speak in Spanish, the national language of Peru.

Thanks to you, our kids are gaining the skills they need to have a better life.

Every gift of love moves us closer to fulfilling our mission to break the cycle of poverty in the highlands.

Our kids enjoy a boat ride at the zoo.
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