By Carrie Stanley | June 4, 2020

Because of You, Casa Chapi Families Are Blessed!

When we asked for your help to provide rice, beans, and canned goods for our Casa Chapi families during the Covid-19 crisis, YOU GAVE!

Thanks to you, our Peru staff purchased food staples and stored them at the Quechua Benefit office until Alejandro, our Peru Country Director, could secure permission to travel. Last week, he was granted permission to begin deliveries.

On May 30, Alejandro loaded the van and began delivering the food boxes to the 20 Casa Chapi families near Arequipa. They happily received a month’s supply of rice, beans, and canned goods because of you!

While Peru’s quarantine is in place until June 30, some of the tight restrictions have been loosened. Many people are still unable to work, so this gift of necessary food means a great deal to people who have suffered the loss of their jobs during the pandemic.

In addition to delivering food, Alejandro has been able to connect with the Casa Chapi students to deliver school books and return completed assignments. Our kids are continuing to learn at home.

Alejandro delivers food and school work to Edith, Michell, and Washington near Arequipa.

Alejandro is continuing his travels to the remote areas of the Colca Valley to deliver supplies to more families. Thank you for providing encouragement and hope to our Casa Chapi families through your gifts!

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