By Steve Johnson | September 26, 2018

Big Smiles Say “Thank You”

Ismael can’t wait to play soccer after he recovers from the surgery to remove the extra toe on his left foot.

Marjorie’s simple eye surgery has done more than fix an eye, it has changed her outlook on life.

A smile says so much! Today two children are wearing a smile that says “Thank You” to Quechua Benefit supporters. Ismael’s and Marjorie’s lives are forever changed because of the surgeries you provided.

Ismael, a talkative 12-year-old boy, loves to play on the computer. He has difficulty running because of the extra toe on his left foot. He and his mother are very grateful and happy now that the surgery to remove the toe is completed. Ismael loves Casa Chapi where he has “lots of friends, a warm bed to rest, and the most important thing, many people who care about me.” Thanks to Lindy Huber for making this surgery possible.

Eight-year-old Marjorie noticed her eyes were different and was anxious to have her crossed eyes fixed. On the day of the surgery, Marjorie and her mom went nervously to the clinic to have surgery. The day of the surgery Marjorie’s smile left because of the pain, but the next day she was back to her happy self. “I’m anxious to see my new eye,” she says. Her mother is so grateful to all of you for making the surgery possible.


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