By Carrie Stanley | September 16, 2019

Because of You!
Casa Chapi Kids Are Healthier

In March, after their summer break, nearly 70% of the kids at Casa Chapi were anemic. Their treatment began by dealing with the root cause of anemia: intestinal parasites. Following treatment for parasites, students received iron supplements to elevate their iron levels, and they continue their progress by taking multivitamins regularly.
Anemia graph web

Anemia affects nearly half of students in Peru. It robs them of their abilities to learn and can cause their IQ to be 10 points lower than their non-anemic peers. It also causes fatigue and affects school attendance and performance.

When students are healthier, they can achieve their fullest potential. Studies have shown that their aspirations for the future increase in direct proportion to their health becoming better. Thanks to your generosity, students at Casa Chapi receive regular health check-ups along with parasite and anemia treatment.

Healthy students will become healthy adults who can influence their communities and

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