Avatar By Carrie Stanley | December 28, 2018

Casa Chapi Kids “Pay It Forward” on Christmas Eve

Casa Chapi girls Tecla and Mayra pass out presents to needy children

All of you experience the joy of giving when you support your Casa Chapi family in Peru. Quechua Benefit works hard to communicate the results of your generosity.

Something happened at Christmas this year that will make each of you proud.

Here is the story as told by Carmen, our office manager in Arequipa:

“We met 5 families who came by walking from Venezuela. Currently they live at the house we plan to rent next year. They’re living only for this month because they have nowhere to go. The priest from Don Bosco is helping them.

There are like 15 kids living there and they are in bad conditions. I told the Casa Chapi kids the history of the families, how they came to Peru and all the needs they have.

Arequipa students share with Venezuelan families.

The Casa Chapi kids really wanted to help them, so they prepared hot chocolate and some gifts we could get as donations. We went with all of them to visit the families, bringing them all the things we can get as donations like clothes, some toys and food.”

Your love is creating young souls who are modeling the generosity you have provided each of them.

“I know we have kids at Casa Chapi who came from difficult conditions, and now they can have a better life and can be safer,” says Carmen, “but now they can also help other people. Maybe only with a few things, but it’s important to share with them the most we have.”

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