By Carrie Stanley | May 6, 2021

Casa Chapi Students and Teachers Reunite!

After a year apart, Casa Chapi students and teachers enjoyed seeing each other again! When COVID hit in March 2020, all Casa Chapi students returned to their homes and began virtual learning. You provided schoolbooks, cellphones and internet access for them to study, but they have missed their teachers.

Students cannot return to the Casa Chapi campus for school, but in April the teachers safely visited their students. Even behind masks, you can see that the kids loved spending time with their teachers and showing them what they could do. Kids in all grades have been keeping up with reading, writing and math with virtual learning. Your support is giving them a first-class education that is paving the way for them to break the generational cycle of poverty.


Thank you for helping these children achieve their dreams! Soon they will become the teachers, medics, and leaders who will show the next generation how to succeed. Your love and support through the pandemic encourages them to persevere.


Our Casa Chapi kids are supported through the Casa Chapi Family Tree of Giving. Click the tree to find out more about what you can do to help Casa Chapi kids in grades K-12.

Click to see how you can become part of the family.

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