Avatar By Carrie Stanley | March 13, 2020

Casa Chapi Update

Casa Chapi was welcoming its students and excited to begin a new school year on March 9. Due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus in Peru, on March 11 the Peru Ministry of Education suspended all public and private schools in the country until March 30, so our students returned to their homes until then.

We appreciate the government’s concern for everyone’s health. The staff and students were very sad to postpone school and are looking forward to beginning a new school year in a few weeks. For updates about the situation in Peru, please click here

In February, students enjoyed their summer reading camp. The three-week camp is a great way for students to retain their reading skills, which can be lost during summer break. Students also received summer reading materials to help them continue learning over their break. Thank you for your support that makes Casa Chapi’s important work possible.

Check back soon for more updates about Quechua Benefit’s work in Peru.

At the end of the 2019 school year, each Casa Chapi student received workbooks to help them keep their reading and math skills.
Students enjoyed summer reading camp at Casa Chapi and look forward to beginning their school year as soon as possible.
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