Katie Safley By Katie Safley | October 9, 2016

Casa Chapi’s new chapel featured in Alpaca Culture Magazine

The September 2016 issue of Alpaca Culture featured an article on the stained glass windows at Casa Chapi’s Maranatha Chapel. Read the full article, “Local Story Reflected in Stained Glass” by Meyla Bianco Johnston, below!

Quechua Benefit engaged a designer and we came up with very traditional Anglo-style church designs. Everyone here liked the designs, but we thought it would be best if Padre Marcos, the local Parish Priest, looked them over before we engaged a glass artist.

Padre Marcos took one look and asked, “Do you think we could do the Virgin Mary in traditional Colca dress?” A light went on and we all decided to design the windows to include Colca Valley cultural icons.


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