By Carrie Stanley | June 25, 2021

From Casa Chapi to College!

These young men who began attending Casa Chapi in elementary school are now in college! Thank you for your support of Casa Chapi that made it possible for Isaac, Ronald, and Wilfredo to complete elementary and high school and now study at SENATI Technical Institute.

Isaac, Class of 2019

Isaac’s father dreamed of a better life for his children. In 2014 Isaac came to Casa Chapi as a slight, introverted 11-year-old boy, in the 6th grade who had taught himself to speak Spanish. When he arrived at Casa Chapi, he was behind his grade level at school. But he responded well to his new environment and soon caught up. One day the school district administrator invited all the kids in the district to submit a story about the people of the village where they live and their Quechua culture. Isaac decided to enter the competition and won with his story “A Whale of a Tale.” You can read his story here. Isaac proved to be a diligent student, and he was our first high school graduate in 2019. Isaac is now in his second year at SENATI Technical Institute. He’ll complete his program in Heavy Equipment Maintenance next year.

Ronald, Class of 2020




Ronald arrived at Casa Chapi in 2013, the first year primary school was offered onsite at Casa Chapi. He was 9 years old and been abandoned by his parents. He lived with his maternal grandmother, spoke only Quechua, and was illiterate. Like many children in the highlands, he was at risk for being caught in the multigenerational cycle of poverty. But Ronald learned quickly, and was soon succeeding in school. He persevered through the challenges of COVID and completed high school in December of 2020. Ronald was accepted to study at SENATI Technical Institute, and he is in his first year of a three-year program in Management.



Wilfred, Class of 2020

When Wilfredo arrived at Casa Chapi in 2014, he had already repeated grades. His single mother was an alpaca shepherdess struggling to care for her children.

Your generosity has made all the difference for Wilfredo. He graduated from high school in December of 2020 and has begun the three-year program at SENATI studying Heavy Equipment Maintenance.

These success stories wouldn’t exist without YOU! Your generosity has changed these young men’s lives. Instead of becoming lost in the cycle of poverty, they will be able to provide a good life for themselves and their families. 

When you donate to Quechua Benefit, you are contributing to the success of children who have little hope and whose parents have few resources.

You can become part of our Casa Chapi Family Tree of Giving and provide the same educational opportunity for success to more children like Isaac, Ronald, and Wilfredo.

Yes, I want to be part of the Casa Chapi Family Tree of Giving



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