Avatar By Carrie Stanley | March 11, 2019

You’re Changing the Future!

Thanks to your generosity, Casa Chapi is helping students turn bleak beginnings into bright futures. With keen excitement, students are beginning a new school year at Casa Chapi in both the primary school at  Chivay and our secondary school in Arequipa.

Many children have come from homes that are unable to provide for them, but when they arrive at Casa Chapi they receive the love and care all children need to thrive. Boys and girls are not only taught to read and write, but they are also taught life skills in the greenhouse and values for successful relationships. You are helping to change the future for a generation in the Peruvian highlands.

Here are just a few of the stories of victory that Quechua Benefit can tell because of your generous hearts in giving to Casa Chapi.

 Meet Juan in 5th grade 

Juan’s father abandoned him and his mother before he was born. His single mother relies on Casa Chapi to provide an education for her son. Juan moved to Casa Chapi five years ago, and he loves swimming and football. His favorite subjects in school are math, art, and communication. Thanks to your ongoing support, someday Juan may achieve his dream of becoming a pilot or engineer.

Meet Analy in 6th grade 

Analy’s father is in jail, and her mother cannot support her and her siblings.  Analy moved to Casa Chapi five years ago. It was difficult when her sister died a year ago, but Analy hopes for a brighter future. She loves dancing and painting, and her favorite subjects in school are math and art.  Analy will continue her education at Casa Chapi Arequipa to pursue her goal of becoming a doctor or an engineer.

Meet Frank in 3rd grade 

Frank’s father died, and his mother struggled to provide an education for her two children. Two years ago, Frank moved to Casa Chapi.  He loves to play football and would love to become a professional football player. His favorite subject in school is math  Because of your generous support, someday Frank will have the knowledge and skills required to become a success.

Using Casa Chapi’s literary program, all three of these students have improved in their reading scores by nearly 20% above the world standard for their grade level. Their teachers report that Juan is becoming a leader among his peers, Analy is overcoming her grief, and Frank is no longer lashing out in anger. The smiles on their faces testify to the joy in their hearts.

Thank you for your continued support so we can help more students succeed in the same way that Juan, Analy, Frank, and many of their classmates have.



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