By Carrie Stanley | September 9, 2020

Going the Extra Mile

“It was beautiful to see Janeth waiting for me!” exclaimed Alejandro, our Peru Country Director, when he visited Janeth at her home in Caylloma.

Her home has no access to radio, TV or internet. Although your generous provision of food and anemia treatment made it to Caylloma, it had been months since Janeth was able to talk with her teachers and fellow Casa Chapi students. Her remote location made it impossible for an iPad or cellphone to connect her to Casa Chapi’s virtual learning that is underway.

Alejandro spoke with her parents, but they could not help her connect to Casa Chapi’s virtual school. Janeth loves school but was afraid she could not continue. Alejandro is committed to doing whatever it takes to help our students succeed, and he found a way for Janeth to continue school. Now Janeth is staying with her older sister and is attending the virtual school provided by your generous donations.

When Janeth finished 6th grade in December of 2019, she was at the top of her class in reading. Her scores exceeded the world standard by 25 words per minute!

Today, Janeth is grateful for the opportunity you’re giving her to continue learning. She can pursue her dream of finishing high school and becoming a tour guide.

Thank you for changing Janeth’s future.

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