By Carrie Stanley | July 6, 2020

Meet our Yanahuara Students

Our Casa Chapi students who continue to secondary school move to Yanahuara, a suburb of Arequipa. Quechua Benefit leases two houses–one for the girls and one for the boys–where students live while they attend private schools. 

Your generosity has made it possible for these students to achieve more than anyone in their families ever has! They will be able to graduate from high school and then move on to university of trade school. Their parents are excited to see their children gain the skills and confidence to have a better life and give back to their families and community.

Click here to meet our students and read their stories. You will see how Casa Chapi is changing the highlands of Peru one life at a time, thanks to you.

Isaac, our first high school graduate, stands with his sisters Judith and Lizbeth and friend Ronald. All of them have a promising future because of your support of Casa Chapi.

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