By Carrie Stanley | June 30, 2020

Overcoming Challenges

Secondary students Isaac and Maria Fernanda in Caylloma are happy to get food and schoolbooks provided by your generosity.

The Covid-19 crisis has turned the world upside down. Peru has been especially hard hit. Schools will remain closed through the school year (December of 2020), travel and other activities are restricted, and new cases of the virus are still climbing.

After 25 years on the ground in Peru, Quechua Benefit is used to overcoming challenges. We are good at it. We intend to continue our mission to break the cycle of poverty in the highlands by meeting the needs of the Quechua people. They are the least among us, the poorest of the poor.

Because of the generosity of our loyal supporters like you, we are meeting the immediate needs of the families of our 150 Casa Chapi kids. Each of these families, like Saul and Luis’s family pictured here, have 4 to 12 members, to make a total of nearly 700 people.

  • We are delivering 30 days’ worth of food every 30 days to each family and will continue this mission until the country reopens.
  • The Casa Chapi teachers for grades 1-6 will begin delivering virtual lessons in July on iPads supplied by the Ministry of Education.
  • The high school students who attend private schools on scholarships will be receiving their lessons directly from the school they attend while living on the Casa Chapi campuses in Yanahuara.
  • Quechua Benefit is supplying each family that lives in very remote areas with a cell phone to stay in contact with their teachers.
  • We will continue to stay in touch with each family and be available to deliver medicines, warm clothes, books, and other essential supplies that are not currently within these families’ reach.

Click here to provide help for our families.

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