Avatar By Carrie Stanley | December 4, 2019

Parents’ Day at Casa Chapi

Casa Chapi’s monthly Parents’ Day is an exciting event! Some parents make their monthly trek to see their children by walking three or four hours and then riding a bus for another six hours. Families sacrifice to let their children live so far away, but parents dream of a better future for their children because they are receiving a quality education at Casa Chapi. Imagine the joyful reunion each month!

Parents and children enjoy a family meal together, and parents stay the night at Casa Chapi. The staff of Casa Chapi also conducts adult education on a variety of topics for the parents. Parents work with their kids to do chores to keep Casa Chapi running smoothly. At the most recent Parents’ Day, we asked the parents how their children had changed since coming to Casa Chapi. Here are some of their replies:

  • Brittany’s mom said, “She’s more orderly and punctual. She loves to read and has learned how to care for animals.”
  • Griseyda’s mom said, “She has improved in her studies, she’s more obedient, she helps, she’s not afraid to take any chances.”
  • Raul sends his sons to Casa Chapi “Because they’re well cared for there and also because other schools are more expensive and I don’t have the money to pay for it.”

Your generosity is making a difference in these families. Parents are so grateful for the chance to send their children to Casa Chapi “because the teaching is good, the children are well fed, the ‘casitas’ have all the things the children need, and I can’t give that to my kids” (Edilberto, father of a third grader and a fifth grader).


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