By Carrie Stanley | October 1, 2019

Remarkable Reading Results

Quechua Benefit has discovered that if children have a safe home and good food they can succeed, even in the unforgiving environment and grinding poverty of the highlands. At Casa Chapi students are safe, well-fed and receive quality education from certified teachers, and are loved by house “tias” (Aunties).

Their recent reading tests show the results of the hard work of the students and staff of Casa Chapi. They are making steady improvement in their reading skills, and many students exceed the world standard score. Even though some students have learning difficulties, and most of them come from struggling families, they are overcoming the challenges to have a brighter future for themselves and for those whom they will influence.

Casa Chapi Reading Scores 7-19 landscape

Thank you for supporting Quechua Benefit and Casa Chapi. Together, we are BREAKING THE CYCLE OF POVERTY in the highlands of Peru.

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