By Carrie Stanley | September 2, 2019

Search and Rescue in the Highlands

Today Dante is a 7th grader at Casa Chapi in Arequipa.

Dante and Siomera’s mother takes them to the eye clinic.

Siomera’s face was unforgettable. Quechua Benefit volunteers Dick Miller and Jim Gallagher first saw her as they boarded a bus on their 2014 trip to Lari, Peru. Siomera stood barefoot in a plain dress by the adobe hut she shared with her parents and eleven siblings. Her tangled hair framed her angelic face. That picture was engraved in their minds.

Using just a snapshot, the Quechua Benefit team searched for Siomera for two years. Upon finding her, they tested and treated the family for parasites and anemia. Casa Chapi offered to send the children to school, but their mother Yola hesitated. After a visit from the local priest, Siomera’s parents allowed her older brother Dante to attend Casa Chapi.

Dante arrived at Casa Chapi quiet and shy. His crossed eyes made him avoid people’s gazes and hindered his learning. A surgery could correct his vision, but the thought of surgery worried his parents.

After some time to think about it his parents consented, and Dante had surgery at PAZ-Holandeza Clinic in Arequipa. The whole family is very happy with the results, especially Dante. He’s talkative and happy, and with a smile on his face he returned to Casa Chapi. He was anxious for everyone to see him.

Dante’s vision was improved along with his view of himself. He can now achieve his fullest potential. Dante and his parents say, “Thank you!” for your generous gifts to help them.

Siomera now attends Casa Chapi, too. She is in second grade, learning and growing thanks to your generosity. This little angel brought help and hope to her whole family.

And it all began with a few volunteers who were willing to go the extra mile to rescue a little girl in the highlands of Peru.
Your generous contributions to Quechua Benefit bring hope and healing to many families like Dante’s and Siomera’s.

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