By Steve Johnson | September 29, 2016

A Shining Star of Hope

In August, I had the pleasure of sitting down with each child at Casa Chapi, visiting with several of their parents, and spending time with their teachers and housemothers. Over the next several months, I will introduce you to many of these little stars of hope for the Quechua people of Peru.

Meet Jose Carlos. He is in the 6th grade.  I am captured by his bright eyes and mischievous smile as he peers through the glass doors of Casa Chapi’s new bibliotheca. As I motion him into the room, he greets me with “Good afternoon, how are you?” — in English. My surprise pleases him immensely.

Jose Carlos has taught himself several English words and phrases and he wants to learn more. He proudly counts to ten, says please, and thank you, while he gazes around at the books on the newly installed shelves.

In addition to learning more English, Jose Carlos would like to learn to play the piano. He loves mathematics and reading, and he wishes that they could sometimes say different prayers at mealtimes. I get the distinct impression that Jose Carlos will change the world one day.

Like all of the children living and studying at Casa Chapi, Jose Carlos has been given a chance to improve his life, and the life of his family. A chance that he wouldn’t have had without Quechua Benefit. Thank you all for your support.

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