Avatar By Carrie Stanley | August 5, 2020

Staying Connected

Alejandro, Peru Country Director, is staying connected with your Casa Chapi students while they are quarantined at home in remote villages. Because of your generosity, he delivered more food, schoolbooks, and cellphones for students to talk with their teachers! See more photos of your kids with their new phone in our Flickr Gallery.

The situation in Arequipa, where Quechua Benefit has its office, is dire. Here is what Alejandro told us on August 2: 

“I am sorry, but the news about Covid-19 in Peru is not good. . . In Arequipa the situation is awful. We have until now 53,500 infected and 1000 deceased. Arequipa is the most affected city by Covid last month. The people are dead in the street. Hospitals are closed because we don’t have oxygen.
The government extended the quarantine in Arequipa until the first of September. Claudia (Quechua Benefit Nutritionist) and I are afraid. Some members my family have died because of Covid, and others are sick. We are well now with many precautions and safety.
Oscar (Quechua Benefit Staff) and I have permission to travel to Arequipa and Chivay for food delivery to families, and last week the cellphones for the kids to communicate with their teachers were delivered. The big stores and markets are still closed and the transport for Chivay is canceled.”

Mario, Jose and Saul are learning at home. Your provision of a month’s supply of food and a new cellphone to talk to their teachers is helping them succeed.

We are committed to the education and well-being your 150 Casa Chapi families and our Quechua Benefit staff, especially during this pandemic.

You are making it possible for Alejandro, Claudia, and Oscar to deliver not only food and school supplies but also hope and encouragement to your Casa Chapi families.

$100 provides a month’s supply of food for a family. Can you help today?

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