Avatar By Carrie Stanley | March 21, 2019

Summer Reading Camp at Casa Chapi

Casa Chapi hosted “Summer Reading Camp” for fifty 1st-6th graders from many schools in the Colca Valley. From February 15-March 8 children arrived at the Casa Chapi Chivay campus to improve reading skills before beginning a new school year on March 11. While they were at camp, they also enjoyed playing games and doing arts and crafts.

Casa Chapi’s Standardized Reading Plan is unique in the area. It made an impressive difference for many children. In just three weeks the average increase in reading rate for the group was 16 words per minute. The statistics merely scratch the surface of what the camp accomplished for these kids. For some, the camp was life-changing.

  • Third grader Dominic improved his reading comprehension, math problem solving and writing.
  • Second grader Joel came reading below grade level, but he left camp very excited with a 30% improvement in his reading rate.
  • Milagros improved her reading skills and discovered her leadership ability among her peers.
  • Fifth grader Marjorie, who does not attend Casa Chapi, improved almost 50% in her reading rate. Her school doesn’t provide a program like Casa Chapi’s.

Happy parents noticed their children lost their fear of reading aloud.

They wished more students could discover Casa Chapi’s reading plan and become better readers.

Students and parents are grateful to Quechua Benefit for helping them improve reading skills and gain confidence in their abilities. Thank you for making Casa Chapi’s Summer Reading Camp possible!



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