By Katie Safley | September 20, 2017

In My Words: Xiena Ccallo

Xiena, a graduate of Casa Chapi, is our first exchange student in the United States. She currently lives in Bend, Oregon with Amanda VandenBosch, our Board Chair, and her family.

I was born in Yanque, Peru on April 8, 2003. I have six brothers and sisters who are 9, 12, 21, 27, 29, and 31.

Before I went to Casa Chapi, I had to be like a mom to my little brothers,  because my mother would go to the farm and my father went to work.

At Casa Chapi, I really love how the people really take care of us. They help you with everything, and if you don’t understand something they will explain it to you. They have rules that you have to follow, because they are for your safety. They teach you to say the truth always, even if it’s something bad because they want more the trust than a lie.

I don’t want to change anything about Casa Chapi. I love everything there. Especially I love the programs that they have. I hope more kids can go there, because Casa Chapi is a unique place where kids will enjoy there life and not be afraid of anything because Casa Chapi will protect them. They teach stuff that other schools do not teach. Casa Chapi will care about you so much.

Now I live in Oregon with Amanda, Vince, Cody and Hunter. I go to school at Cascades Academy. I really love the USA because everything is cool and interesting. I love being here. I am learning History, Science, Math, English, Art/Music, Health and Maker. Everything that I have been learning is really interesting, and I am getting better in my English.

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor so I can help other kids. But not just from my country, because Peruvian kids are not the only kids that need help. I will gave back what God is doing for me. Bless everyone who is helping me to go to school and making my dreams come true.

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