By Carrie Stanley | October 1, 2020

Your Generosity Is Making Anemia Levels Drop and Reading Scores Rise

Casa Chapi first grader Raul was just about to begin his first year at Casa Chapi when COVID-19 hit the Arequipa region of Peru very hard. Raul and his mother say, “Thank you” for food, schoolbooks, and anemia treatment for Raul.  When you donate to HEALTHY KIDS, you provide anemia treatment for children like Raul.

When Quechua Benefit’s team conducted health check-ups in June, Victor was diagnosed with moderate anemia. He started taking iron supplements and multivitamins with iron. NOW he is no longer anemic! 

Your generosity makes it possible to treat your kids for anemia and parasites. Healthy kids learn better and can achieve their dreams.

Angeles (6th grade) and Rosalyn (4th grade) have made great progress in their virtual learning! Their August reading scores are more than 15% higher than their assessments in June.

Thank you for the schoolbooks, internet and cellphones for kids to connect with their teachers. Your Casa Chapi kids are succeeding!

Quechua Benefit is committed to your Casa Chapi families during Peru’s continued Covid-19 quarantine. Your generous $100 donation provides a family with a 30-day supply of food.

100% of your donation reaches Casa Chapi kids and their families!


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