Casa Chapi Family Tree of Giving

The Casa Chapi Family Tree of Giving gives each donor a range of options for expressing their love and support for Casa Chapi. The best part of this donation is that 100% of what you give is spent directly on the operation of Casa Chapi. None of your donation will go to fundraising expenses or administrative overhead for Quechua Benefit’s operations. Our dream is to have enough annual sponsorship to pay for the support of 100 children living at Casa Chapi.


Your Adopt-a-Class pledge will pay the entire cost of 15 children’s education. This includes uniforms and costumes for events and performances, field trips, a library of books chosen by the kids, and a teacher and tutors for the highly effective Learn to Read program at Casa Chapi for one year.



Your Godparent pledge will pay the entire cost of a child’s education, school teachers, clothing, room and board, medical care, supplies, kitchen staff, sociologist, psychologist, art teacher, tutor, security guards, sports program director and manager at Casa Chapi for one year.


Your Grandparent pledge pays for the cost of a house mother to live with the kids in their cottages day and night, tend to their emotional needs, teach them culturally appropriate values, have breakfast, lunch and dinner with them and to be there for them when they scrape a knee or have tears in their eyes.


Your Parent pledge supports the Snowmass Community Health Clinic and specialized medical, dental and optical care as needed for the kids of Casa Chapi. Once a child becomes a resident of Casa Chapi, we feel that they are a member of our family and in some cases need specialized attention at higher level clinics in Arequipa, as is the case of Juan Pablo, which we provide. Your Parent Pledge gift also helps us extend this support to our extended family members.

Aunts and Uncles

Your aunts and uncles pledge will purchase all of the food necessary to provide one child breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two snacks a day for an entire year. Many children come to Casa Chapi under size and weight for their age, but our individual height and weight charts prove that they catch up quickly when given adequate nutrition.

Brothers and Sisters

Your Brothers & Sisters pledge will pay for clean drinking water for one child every day of the year at Casa Chapi.

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