By Carrie Stanley | December 22, 2019

2019 – A Year in Review

Your generosity is transforming people’s lives. See all that your kindness has accomplished in 2019:

EDUCATION: Casa Chapi launched Sinfonia por el Peru in March. Children are developing teamwork, discipline and creativity as they learn to sing and play instruments. Music teacher Rett Suni says, “Music is not a luxury but fulfills the goal of helping children become better people.” Summer reading camp helped students retain their reading skills and served children from many schools. Today, 66% of our sixth graders’ reading scores are above the world standard! We also opened a second house in Arequipa for high school students. Fifteen girls loved moving into their new house so they can attend school and make better lives for themselves.

PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE: Because of your generosity Quechua Benefit’s anemia prevention campaigns are creating healthy communities. Along with you, strategic partnerships with local and regional government agencies are assisting us to reduce the level of anemia in the Colca Valley. In 2019 we treated women and children in 38 communities. Your investment is multiplied by our partners who provide medical supplies, medical staff, and community compliance. We also began distributing children’s multivitamins with iron to maintain healthy levels of iron.

ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT: Healthy livestock, primarily alpacas, is the most important driver of family income in the highlands. Quechua Benefit has discovered there are no veterinary services or technical training in animal husbandry available to the farmers. Our programs to vaccinate alpacas and deworm herd dogs is enabling herds to be healthy. Women are also being trained to sort, classify and hand spin alpaca yarn. Women in our program earn up to three times the wages they would earn in an agricultural or store job.

Thank you from all of us at Quechua Benefit. We’re looking forward to what we can accomplish together with you in 2020!

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