By Catherine Wehage | December 27, 2017

A Year in Review

Quechua Benefit had a big year! Relive our biggest achievements with us:

January 2017

Searching for Siomera: The inspiring search for the little girl who initiated the Quechua Benefit preventative medicine campaigns to treat children, babies, and pregnant women for intestinal parasites and anemia.


March 2017:

Madre Antonia Ichupampa Kitchen Rebuild: After Ichupampa was devastated in September 2016, our generous donors raised the funds in 2 months to rebuilt the town’s central feature – the community kitchen. The kitchen serves the elderly and children of the town and

will provide a minimum of 108,000 hot meals a year.

May 2017: Casa Chapi Arequipa

Quechua Benefit’s Yuanahara house boards Casa Chapi graduates to give them the opportunity to continue their education past 6th grade.

November 2017

Annual Peru Tour

December 2017

Merry Christmas from Casa Chapi

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