By Carrie Stanley | May 16, 2021

Women’s and Children’s Community Centers

Sister Antonia, a Maryknoll nun from New York, served the Quechua people of the Colca Valley for more than 30 years. She was a fierce advocate for the women and children as well as being an inspirational example to everyone around her.

Sister Antonia believed that substandard nutrition is at the center of local poverty, so she served hot soup daily from the courtyard of the Yanque Church. Quechua Benefit, with your support, has participated in the creation of two community kitchens to carry on Sister Antonia’s legacy, one in Ichupampa and another in Yanque. Both are close to Casa Chapi. The kitchens named in her honor are independently operated by local community associations.

These new, modern buildings each also have space for a Women’s and Children’s Community Center, and this is where the next chapter in Sister Antonia’s legacy, with your help, will unfold. Click here to donate to the new centers.

They will be staffed by local women who are respected in the community and can be fierce advocates for the women and children, offering advice on topics such as:

  • Pre- and post-natal care
  • Anemia prevention
  • Medical referrals
  • Job training and family planning advice
  • Employment opportunities
  • Adult education about family violence.

Women are being trained outside the Ichupampa Sister Antonia Kitchen.

All these needs can be addressed and prioritized in consultation with the women in the community. Local Quechua Benefit social workers, in partnership with the Church, the Peruvian Ministries of Health and Education, MINSA, the local mayors and private charities such as Vitamin Angels, Direct Relief and Vida Peru, can implement programs that address the most pressing needs as defined by the community.

Thank you for your donation that will help this dream become a reality. 

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