Avatar By Carrie Stanley | January 31, 2019

Dale Cantwell: Volunteer Extraordinaire

Dale Cantwell’s connection to Quechua Benefit began years ago. Dale and his wife Pamela, along with Richard and Jane Miller, gave generously to build the four-classroom schoolhouse, library and casita at Casa Chapi. Dale’s expertise as an engineer proved invaluable as he drew the plans and supervised the construction for the project which was completed in 2012. Shortly thereafter, Dale joined Quechua Benefit’s Board of Directors. He has served diligently, often traveling to Peru four or five times a year. Recently Dale supervised the reconstruction of the Sister Antonia Community Kitchen in Ichupampa after a devastating earthquake destroyed the original building.

Today, Dale is the Executive Director of Quechua Benefit. He supervises three programs which are made possible by your generosity:

  1. The preventative medicine program that has treated more than 15,000 children for anemia in the highlands since 2017.
  2. The animal welfare program that vaccinates dogs and alpacas for various parasites and viruses.
  3. The economic empowerment program that trains women and gives them a market for handspun yarn in the USA

Quechua Benefit greatly appreciates Dale’s volunteer contributions. “Quechua Benefit would not be where it is today without Dale’s leadership,” founder Mike Safley says. “Dale has spent years learning the culture, meeting government officials and gaining the trust of the people we serve.”

Under Dale’s leadership with volunteers and donors like you, Quechua Benefit is growing dramatically and becoming increasingly ready to face the future.

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