By Katie Safley | October 6, 2016

Quechua Benefit: First Responders to Disaster

Quechua Benefit thanks each one of you for your support, both moral and financial. Your generosity made it possible for our team on the ground in Peru to respond to two significant disasters that severely impacted the lives of the Quechua people we serve.

In August, we raised $40,108 to respond to the devastating cold snap that killed 40,000 alpacas and led to respiratory illness in 14,000 children.

We allocated these funds to purchasing and distributing:

  • 2,317 polar fleece jacket and pant sets for children in 10 communities in the Colca Valley, and 33 communities throughout Corani, Nunoa and Picotani
  • 1,535 warm blankets
  • 5,000 doses of Vitamin C



In September, we raised $74,500 for Ichupampa’s Sister Antonia Memorial Kitchen, which will be built in response to the earthquake that caused widespread damage in the Colca Valley and destroyed 70% of Ichupampa’s structures.

After several meetings with the Ichupampa mayor and community members, we identified that the community kitchen, which was destroyed in the earthquake, was their number one priority for reconstruction. The initial estimate for this project was $70,000. After a detailed cost analysis was completed in Peru, our final estimate is $75,000. The current status of the project is as follows:

  • The contract with the Municipality delegating the construction to Quechua Benefit has been negotiated and will soon be signed
  • The Municipality is about to begin clearing the site to ready it for the commencement of construction
  • Dale Cantwell will assume the lead role in the supervision of construction
  • Quechua Benefit’s goal is to begin construction by November 1, 2016
  • We plan to complete construction within 90 to 120 days of the beginning date


None of this would have been possible without the generous hearts of our donors. We cannot thank you enough. We will keep you updated of our progress as this project gets going!

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