By Carrie Stanley | November 16, 2019

Living on the Margins

Children in the highlands of Peru live on the margins. Their families struggle to make a living with their alpaca herds, and many children do not live near a good school. They spend their days among the alpacas, never learning to learn to read and write. But with your help, life can be different for them.

A good education provides the path for smart and capable children to grow up and become the agents of change for their communities. Casa Chapi is a school for these at-risk children at no cost to their families. Because of your generosity, children at Casa Chapi can reach their potential and BREAK THE CYCLE OF POVERTY.

100% of your donation to Casa Chapi provides curriculum, tutoring, housing, nutritious meals, and the chance for each of these precious kids to have a better future.

Join our efforts to make a lasting impact! You can
Donate to the kids at Casa Chapi
Create a Facebook fundraiser for Quechua Benefit
Volunteer at home or in Peru



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