By Carrie Stanley | November 25, 2020

Picotani Residents Thank You for Your Gifts to Fight COVID

Picotani lies on the rooftop of the world at 14,700 feet elevation. It is the home of the largest population of Vicuña in the world ranging over contiguous geography. The people shepherd alpacas and help protect the Vicuña, the once nearly extinct Camelid that produces the finest natural fiber in the world.

Thanks to you, Quechua Benefit has been visiting Picotani and its sister towns of Toma and Cambria for more than 20 years, delivering dental, medical, and anemia campaigns.

On November 12, the Quechua Benefit Peru Staff delivered 1500 masks, soap, and educational information to the residents of Picotani. People eagerly accepted your gifts to them and are grateful that someone cares about them and is helping them fight the spread of COVID.

You can donate now to reach more villages in the highlands of Peru.

Because of your generous gifts, the people of Picotani have received the supplies they need to fight COVID.

Thousands more Quechua people in remote villages need your help to fight COVID-19. You can help save a life today.

For every $4 you give, a Quechua child, woman, or man will receive a mask, soap, and the education they need to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Click here to donate today and help save a life tomorrow.

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