By Mike Safley | September 9, 2016

QB Volunteer gives aid to disaster victims

“They give out blankets to students to protect them from the cold.”

richard-miller-benefit-webThe 47 students of the primary school San Antonia received blankets so that they could protect themselves from the harsh cold that effects the Colca Valley. The donation was made by the non-governmental entity Quechua Benefit of the United States.  The representative of the organization Richard Miller indicated that part of the work that they do is to care for children and offer them quality conditions and education so that they can continue studying. The aid will continue arriving at the districts declared in emergency.

We translated the first paragraph (above) of the accompanying newspaper story which ran in a nationally distributed Peruvian newspaper.

Ichupampa is the poorest town in the Colca Valley and located just minutes from Casa Chapi. Quechua Benefit was one of the first NGO’s on the scene of an earthquake that destroyed more the 70% of the town’s buildings.

Quechua Benefit has identified a major project in the center of Ichupampa to rebuild Community Kitchen that was destroyed by the Quake. The  Mayor asked if we could take over construction of the building which will allow the town to centralize the emergency feeding operations which are currently in the open air on the four corners of the square. This project will be rebuilt on the site of the previous kitchen which was destroyed.

We hope to have it open by Christmas.

The new project which will serve the community during reconstruction over the next three years and then as a permanent kitchen into the future for the elderly and poorest school children.

It will be dedicated in the name of Sister Antonia.

If you would like more information about how you might participate in the project you can contact Amanda VandenBosch at (831) 809 1147 or Dale Cantwell at (303) 651 0785 or Mike Safley at (503) 703 6020

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