Avatar By Carrie Stanley | November 19, 2018

Quechua Benefit Is Thankful for Our Volunteers

We’re thankful for volunteers like Lindy Huber who turn the impossible into possible for the people of Peru.

It was 2004. Lindy Huber and Mike were on their way to Macusani for a medical mission. As they talked about their kids, Lindy casually mentioned that she and her husband Paul would like to adopt a little girl, who would be a sister to their son Robert. A lovely, quiet little girl from the orphanage Mosoq Runa flashed before Mike’s eyes. He had come to know her on several previous trips to Macusani with Quechua Benefit. From the first time he met this tiny sliver of a girl with the intense gaze, she always seemed to be either at his feet, next to him when he sat down, or crawling up on his lap. She rarely spoke.

Mike told Lindy that he knew the perfect girl for her. Mirian was eight years old by the time Lindy made her way to Macusani to pick up her new daughter.  

Lindy’s support of Quechua Benefit began long before that trip, and she had traveled to Peru on medical and dental missions for years. Anyone who knows Lindy understands her big heart that reaches far beyond her own family. Mirian’s adoption took more than a year to complete, but the Hubers persevered and today Mirian is thriving. Lindy and Paul took a chance and changed the course of a little girl’s destiny.

Today, Lindy continues to make a difference by being one of Quechua Benefit’s most loyal supporters. The Quechua Benefit’s Board of Directors says thank you for your generosity.

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