By Carrie Stanley | October 29, 2020

You Are Spreading Hope to Villages with COVID Prevention

“Peru is facing the worst of both worlds. In addition to the world’s highest death rate, its lockdown also caused the world’s deepest economic contraction in the second quarter.” (per Bloomberg)

The government has stressed the importance of masks, hand washing and social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID. Unfortunately, high-quality washable masks aren’t available in Quechua communities.

In September, Quechua Benefit’s pilot program in Yanque distributed masks, soap and COVID educational material to EVERY ONE of the 1,300 residents in the small town.

The results were exactly what we had hoped: an increase in mask wearing, deep appreciation that someone cares about them, and widespread interest from other mayors in the area.

With your support, we are expanding this program to more towns throughout the Colca Valley, supplying masks soap and educational material.

Every $4 provides a mask, soap, and instructions to fight COVID.


In October, Peru Country Director Alejandro Tejeda and our Peru staff visited Callalli, Tuti, Ichupampa, and Sibayo. Hundreds of residents of all ages lined up to receive washable masks, soap, and educational information to fight the spread of COVID in their communities.

Our goal is to reach all 17 villages and more than 23,000 people in the Colca Valley.

We need your help.  

Click the button to donate today.

Every $4 you donate provides a Quechua woman, child, or man with a reusable cloth mask, soap, and educational information to fight the spread of COVID-19.

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