By Mike Safley | April 10, 2013

McKayla’s Mission

Written by Angie Kidd , an Advisor and Representative for Quechua Benefit

McKayla and her brother, Kaden

McKayla and her brother, Kaden

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Indiana.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and there is a smile on my heart.  Spring?  Yes, but that’s not all.  I have seen the face of God today, but not where you might expect.  The face of God for me today was clearly one and the same with the face of an eight-year-old young lady named McKayla Adair.

Several months ago, I spoke about Quechua Benefit in a small country church near my childhood home.  Salem Community Church is in the tiny town of Wilmot, Indiana and is in the middle of nowhere by some standards.  There are roughly twenty-five people in their congregation, which is made up of all ages.  When I spoke, God chose to move that little congregation through McKayla, who shines as bright as the springtime sun with her love for God.

Today, I went back because McKayla had been on a mission.  She designated March as “collect toothbrushes and toothpaste month” and encouraged her church family to collect toothbrushes and toothpaste for the children at Casa Chapi.  They rallied around her mission and donated 206 toothbrushes and 170 tubes of toothpaste!  When I went to thank her and her church family today on behalf of Quechua Benefit, I asked McKayla what it was that made her want to collect the dental supplies.  She didn’t hesitate one second and answered, “God laid it on my heart so I just did it.”   I asked her how it was that she thought God got her attention about the needs of the children.  She said that she when she saw their teeth in the photos she knew they needed help.  She was also adamant to tell me that she didn’t want the glory, because the glory belonged to God.

I asked her if she knew the scripture from Isaiah 11:6, “And a little child shall lead them.”  She “sort of” knew about that and I explained to her that I wasn’t trying to give her the glory, but instead wanted to share her story, because it might help others to hear God’s voice calling them to help the children at Casa Chapi, too, and she agreed .

McKayla is the daughter of Jerod and Charity Adair and she lives on a family farm with her parents and her brother, Kaden, and a baby sister, Rain.  McKayla and Kaden are homeschooled and have written letters to the children at Casa Chapi that will accompany the toothbrushes and be translated by Dick Miller.  Thank you to Dick, who has graciously agreed to translate and to transport the dental supplies to the children in April of 2013.  McKayla and Kaden hope to hear back from the children at Casa Chapi so that they might connect child to child.

When I left today, McKayla, Kaden their grandfather helped me carry the boxes to my vehicle.  McKayla gave me a hug and I told her that maybe someday she would be with me in Peru.  Her smile eclipsed the sun as she gave me a hearty thumbs up!  Thumbs up to you McKayla for teaching us all that indeed, a little child shall lead them.



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