By Dale Cantwell | November 29, 2016

Progress update: Ichupampa Community Kitchen

You are rebuilding the Sister Antonia Memorial Community Kitchen in Ichupampa

On August 12th, an earthquake devastated the town of Ichupampa in southern Peru. One of the many buildings destroyed was a community kitchen, where hundreds of hot meals a day were prepared for the town’s elderly and children. Your support has made it possible for Quechua Benefit to rebuild the community kitchen.


Alejandro meeting with the site contractor

Construction started last week with the demolition and removal of the existing building. This week the foundations are being dug. Over the next 16 weeks, you will see the construction rise up. We are targeting a mid-March completion, although that could be delayed by weather, as Southern Peru is about to enter its rainy season.


Digging the new foundation

To get to this point, Alejandro Tejada and I spent many hours with engineers, architects and community leaders to design the new building. Instead of just replacing the existing building, we met with community members to understand their needs. We ultimately agreed on a design that meets all the community’s needs, now and into the future. The first floor will contain a kitchen and dining room that will be very similar to the old building. The second floor will include community training and meeting space.


Front of the Community Kitchen

Thank you very much for your generosity that made the rebuilding of the community kitchen possible. We will keep you informed as the progress continues.


Dale Cantwell
Project manager

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