Peru’s Bucket List Itinerary

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I have visited Peru more than 100 times as an alpaca breeder, tourist and the founder of Quechua Benefit. Over the years, many people have asked me to create my idea of the perfect trip for a two week visit to Peru. The itinerary below has the common bucket list stop at Machu Picchu, but also includes a more exotic destination: Manú Biosphere Reserve.

Manú National Park is a lesser known (but arguably more magnificent) Peruvian treasure in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. I have been there several times and of all the places I have visited in the world, Manú tops the list.

I have explored all of the sites on the tour below, and I think if you take the time to follow the trail, you will agree with me… it is the trip of a lifetime!

Be sure to send us your photos and comments if you chose this journey! And remember, Quechua Benefit can help you arrange this trip.


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