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Mission FAQ

Team Peru

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the trip been in operation? QB started taking dental professionals and interested citizens to Peru over 16 years ago.

Do you have to be religious to participate?  Faith, spirituality or religious preference is not a criterion for the trip.  We have had people of all faiths join us.  All we ask is that you are respectful to the beliefs of those around you and that you participate in group activities.  We are not an evangelical outreach program; and do not expect trip participants to abide by any single doctrine.  We only ask that everyone who participates in the Team Peru experience be respectful, open, and flexible.

Please see the Quechua Benefit Guiding Principals for missions.

Is there a language requirement to participate? No.

Do we need anything special when traveling to Peru?  We have prepared some information on Peru Travel Advice.

What can you tell me about the people in the area that we will be participating in? Please refer to our “Cultural Awareness Tips” article.

Is there a mission fee? Each mission is a little different but the average mission fee is $1,000.  This fee includes: room & board, in country transportation, organizational fee.  This includes air fare to and from Lima to our destination but does not include your airfare to Lima.  Mission members are responsible for booking their travel to and from Lima. Mission fees are collected by Quechua Benefit US and wired to Quechua Benefit Peru in support of the mission.  In addition to the mission fee most people like to bring about $200.00 for incidentals and shopping. Your Visa and Master Card will be accepted in the larger towns and certainly in Arequipa where you will find the most interesting things to purchase.

Taxes – QB is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit non-governmental organization. Consult with your tax accountant regarding volunteer tax deductions. You will be provided a tax receipt from Quechua Benefit following the trip.

What is the focus of the trip? The trip is designed to provide participants with a chance to interact with the people of Peru.  Our goal is not to miraculously cure disease or eradicate suffering; rather we hope to change our own lives and help others through volunteer service.

Why do we do clinics?  Health services and particularly medicine are often unaffordable for the Quechua people in Peru.  Our missions service an underserved population and offer hope and goodwill to people often forgotten but who are every bit as important as each of us.

Can my spouse or partner accompany me? Our missions are working trips and everyone who has a specific skill to contribute to the mission is welcome.  Space is limited and each member of the team is expected to put in long days.

How many people usually participate? We general have groups that range in size from 15-30 U.S. members.

How long are the trips? Exact dates for the trip vary but in general, trips are from 10-12 days.

Where will we stay?  Housing for the trip varies from hotel accommodations with hot water to bungalow style dorm rooms with no hot water, although we always have hot water available, it does not always work or last as long as you might be use to.. Please understand that everything does not always go smoothly in a developing country like Peru and the accommodation will not measure up to a Holiday Inn.

How about medical supplies and equipment?  We conduct an extensive campaign to procure donated medical equipment and supplies.  Our hope is to take only “essential” equipment that will be necessary to conduct.

What about medical, dental and professional licenses?  Trip participants with professional credentials must provide a copy of their license, academic training program diploma or degree, and residency certification.  This information will be submitted to the Peruvian Medical College by an QB staff person for approval.  We will ensure that we adhere to the standards or practice in accordance to the Peruvian laws.

Where and what format do I use to send my documents?  Please scan all documents including passport in jpg or pdf format and email to steve@quechuabenefit.org.

What about sight seeing or side trips?  You are welcome to stay ‘in-country’ as long as you like.  We can recommend a travel agent to assist you with your post mission trip.  We will be happy to provide trip participants advice on developing a post mission trip.

What is the food like? You must be careful about what you eat, particularly in the small towns. We try to discourage eating anything not boiled or hot. Fresh fruit is plentiful but you should be the person who peels it.

Quechua Benefit will be providing meals cooked by our chef from Arequipa. People who follow advice and eat the food we prepare generally do not get sick. There are exceptions and we will have medication available to treat diarrhea.

Is their WI-FI in Peru? Yes it is readily available in Lima and Arequipa. In Chivay we have an arrangement with a local hotel where we can use their WI-FI for free. It is very reliable. We will have transportation to the hot spot every evening.

Who can my family contact in case of emergency?

QB Office-Peru: 01-51-54-214177

Carla Villanueva cell: 01-51-989-767-188 – Carla@quechuabenefit.org

Alejandro Tejeda (Spanish only) cell:  01-51-958-325-449 – Alejandro@quechuabenefit.org

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