By Carrie Stanley | July 2, 2019

Strategic Partners: Working Together to Accomplish More

Quechua Benefit has initiated partnerships with local and regional agencies because together we can accomplish more. In April members of the Quechua Benefit team met with officials with a proposal to combat anemia in the remote areas of the highlands of Peru . Everyone agreed that the problem is severe (nearly 49% of women and preschool children are anemic), and joining forces will lead to a healthier generation.

Good health is the beginning of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Strategic partners from local and regional agencies join with Quechua Benefit to combat anemia in the Colca Valley. Left to right: Regional Minister of Education, Regional Minister of Health, MIDIS representative, Alejandro Tejeda and Dale Cantwell from Quechua Benefit, Mayors from Yanque, Chivay, and Ichupampa, Padre Marcos, Mike Safley, Ministry of Health representative, and Regional Mayor of Caylloma.

These government agencies agree that the devastating consequences of anemia must be stopped. They agree to partner with Quechua Benefit to serve the Quechua people in the highlands–remote areas that often forgotten. Quechua Benefit manages the anemia prevention programs.

Our donors and partners are providing financial assistance in the form of medical supplies, medical staff, community compliance.

Our partners provide 57% of the costs for anemia prevention. Together, we are striving to reduce anemia from its current level of 49% of the population to less than 20% by 2021.

Thank you for your help in creating a healthy generation. Children no longer have to suffer the cognitive and developmental disabilities caused by anemia because

when we work together we accomplish more.

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