Vicunas: Survival of the Finest

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3 reviews for Vicunas: Survival of the Finest

  1. Amanda Vandenbosch

    Mike Safley’s new book Vicuñas: Survival of the Finest takes you to the heart of these amazing animals and the importance to the Peruvian Culture. The detail and photography is simply stunning telling the story of the national treasured vicunas, their exquisite fiber and the value and intricacies of survival, the importance they have to the communities and Andean people.

    “Simply stunning!” “Absolute treasure!” “A must have book for any historian or animal lover.”
    Thank you for your vision, Mike!

    Amanda VandenBosch
    Stanford Livestock International, Ltd.

  2. Richard Miller

    I’ve traveled to Peru nine times since 2011 as a volunteer interpreter for medical missions and disaster relief service provided by Quechua Benefit, an NGO founded by Mike Safley, author of Vicuñas: Survival of the Finest. Enroute from the city of Arequipa to the Colca Valley we drive for several kilometrs through a plateau higher than 15,000 feet elevation, where on each trip we have had the good fortune to see Vicuña families grazing in their wild and natural habitat. It is breathtaking.
    Mike’s book takes you on a journey from ancient times to the present. It is an education about how the Vicuña came close to extinction during recent decades and how Peru’s people have taken action to protect the Vicuñas and have helped to see their numbers increase.
    Reading this book will inspire you to continue the good fight to preserve our planet’s natural resources. It is a well-researched work, worthy of becoming a textbook for conservationists at the university level.

  3. Ann Marie

    I can only say WOW. Have just had time for a quick look but I am stuck with tears in my eyes. Such a beautiful book in all senses. Now I would like to sit down and peacefully read it. My first impression is that it is the most beautiful book I have ever seen.

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