Saving Traditions

What’s your favorite tradition? Is it a special holiday recipe? Do you return to the same vacation spot or campground year after year? Maybe you always wear your team’s jersey while you cheer on your favorite team with your friends and family.

In the highlands of Peru, women’s traditions revolve around alpacas. They have been shearing, spinning, and knitting with alpaca fiber for centuries. Their craftsmanship and expertise is unmatched, but they don’t have access to the international marketplace to sell their beautiful products.

Quechua Benefit has created a way to connect you with these talented women. Not only will you enjoy the work of their hands, but you will also help them have a sustainable income. We train women to sort and classify alpaca fiber and hand spin yarn. They earn more for their families than they would at agricultural or store jobs, and they can preserve their traditional skills.

Click to find out more about our women’s Alliyma economic empowerment program. Shop for beautiful hand spun yarn and finished garments at

Maybe you can create a new tradition. You can help Quechua women by creating your own beautiful projects with their yarn.

From their hands to yours.