Avatar By Carrie Stanley | June 17, 2019

Carmen Aguilar

Office Manager

Carmen Aguilar serves as the QB Office Manager in Arequipa and helps manage the Yanahuara houses. Carmen has a degree in psychology from the Catholic University in Arequipa. She studied psychology in so she could help people in many ways. Carmen believes it’s important to accept your virtues and your defects and have a high self-esteem to be able to deal with everything, good or bad thing, that happens in life. Carmen joined Quechua Benefit after working in the human resource departments of big companies, leading work teams for staff recruitment, for more than eight years.

Carmen loves her work. She says, “Quechua Benefit gave me the opportunity  to give a greater meaning to my career. It’s amazing to work with kids who don’t have many opportunities in their places. We can give them the chance to change their lives, go to the school, have a nice house and encourage them to believe they can do everything they want if they take advantage of the opportunity given to them. I’m so happy to work here and see how we can change the lives of many kids.”

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