Avatar By Carrie Stanley | April 22, 2020




Quechua Benefit first met Dante in 2014 when Dr. Jim Gallagher and Dick Miller searched for his sister Siomera. Dante had severely crossed eyes as well as parasites and anemia. Immediately he was treated for the parasites and anemia, and then his parents consented for him to attend Casa Chapi. Dante’s crossed eyes made learning difficult for him, but he persevered. In 2018 generous Quechua Benefit donors made it possible for Dante to have surgery to correct his vision. Today he is attending secondary school in Arequipa with new confidence, and his younger sister Siomera attends Casa Chapi in Chivay. He and his parents are grateful for the difference you have made in their family.

Dante loves to play football and likes math and art. He would like to become a mechanical engineer–and his dream can come true because of your generosity.

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