Avatar By Carrie Stanley | April 22, 2020

Lizbeth and Judith

Lizbeth and Judith


Twins Lizbeth and Judith, the youngest children in their family to come to Casa Chapi, are in their second year of secondary school in Arequipa. Their older brothers Isaac and Christian have both attended Casa Chapi, too. The kids’ parents, who are alpaca breeders from Lari, are happy that the quality education their children are receiving is paving the path for a bright future. Their dad is very proud of his kids who are all doing well in school and have dreams beyond the alpaca farm for their future.

Judith and Lizbeth both enjoy football and dancing. Math is their favorite subject. Lizbeth would like to become a dance teacher, and Judith aspires to be a nurse. Because of generous people like you, they continue their education and give back to their family and community.

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