Avatar By Carrie Stanley | April 22, 2020

Maria Fernanda

Maria Fernanda


Maria Fernanda shares her own story of how she came to Casa Chapi in 2014: “When I was little I was sad because I only went to school sometimes. My dad did not want me to study because I was a girl. Then my mother took me to Arequipa. She worked as a maid so I could study, but I got sick. When my mother brought me to Casa Chapi everything changed. I like Casa Chapi a lot because I am learning many new things, like painting. I want to learn to paint better with new techniques. I think I can make it because I have patience. I have learned in life that even if there are difficulties, you have to fight very hard until you reach your goal. I am very happy here.”

Maria is in her 4th year of secondary school in Arequipa. When she finishes high school, she’d like to study architecture or civil engineering. Her life is forever changed because of Casa Chapi.

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