By Katie Safley | October 21, 2016

Maria Luisa Sarabia Carrillo

Maria Luisa Sarabia Carrillo

Teacher at Casa Chapi

Casa Chapi

Maria Luisa was born in Ocoña, on the coast of Southern Peru. She graduated from the Institute of Santa Maria with a taching degree in 2007. At a young age, she belonged to a Christian congregation of religious sisters.

She taught primary school for the Municipality and worked as an assistant educator in high schools for four years. She joined Casa Chapi in 2013 as a House Mother then began teaching primary grades in 2016.

Over the years I have been here, Casa Chapi has grown significantly with new buildings and many new activities. Today we serve more than 60 highland children, and I am happy to be part of this team. I am committed to being a teacher and auntie to these children so that I can create positive change their lives.

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